About us

With the first meeting on October 12th, 2002, Austria got as one of the last European nations its own Tolkien Society. The Austrian Tolkien Society‘s goals are to unite fans of Tolkien’s works in Austria and to build the bridge to this topic for all interested parties.

The major Austrian Tolkien related events organized are the Mereth Ethuil, our spring feast, the Lasse Lante, our fall feast, and the Mar Vanwa Tyalièva, the Cottage of Lost Play where we meet in winter before Christmas to spent a weekend enjoying all kind of games with our friends. As part of our society we also organize regulars’ tables in the major cities of Austrian where all interested folk can come together to exchange their ideas and have fun in a round of like-minded people.

The Austrian Tolkien Society is publishing three times a year the magazine “Halifirien” that all members of the society get for free. It features interesting articles, poetry, and essays to Tolkien’s life and work, but also to other fantasy worlds, games, and musicians that have a strong connection to the British author.

The membership fee for Austrian citizens is 20 Euro per year (25 Euro per year for all residents outside of Austria). This fee is used to finance our magazine, the website, and merchandise products of the society, as well as to organize our events.